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Your New Family Doctor in Maple, Ontario

Eagles Landing Medical Centre gladly accepts appointments for new patients at our clinic in Vaughan.

Steps to becoming a new Patient

  1. Read the Circle of Care Statement Below

  2.  Download the PDF New Patient Form Below

  3.  Email to the clinic to get the process started for an appointment time.  

Our Practice Hours

* Doctors Work A Variety Of Hours Throughout the Week. 

* After hours patient appointments available outside of these weekday hours. 


This is to inform you of the type of medical practice you are joining and the concept of circle of care and outside use/care.  Please read carefully.

Circle Of Care Medical Model

Use the Circle of Care process - COC - below when you are suddenly sick, injured, or in severe pain:

1. Dr Roger Sen - Available Monday To Saturday. Monday to Friday by Appointment And Saturday Walk in Clinic 10 am to 2 pm for my own

patients. Call the office 905-303-2700 or book online on our website. 

2.  The Afterhours Doctors On Call Service. (Staffed by our team of family doctors) Call Centre 416-477-2844. After hours Monday to Friday on 5 pm to 8 pm. Saturday 9 am to 3 pm and Sunday 9 am to 12 pm. 

3. Vaughan Urgent Care Clinic. Located on Jane St, north of Rutherford. Walk-in. Monday to Friday 4 pm to 10 pm. Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.


4. Any Hospital Emergency Department in the province.

Avoid the use of outside care doctors. These are community walk-in clinics, (including Dr. Jacobson here), virtual clinic such as Shoppers,    Telus, Maple, Greenshield, and Housecall doctors.

Reasoning Behind the Circle of Care Medical Model, Why Should You Avoid Outside Care?  

1. We never obtain a report from these doctors. For Example, we do not know what their impression is of your illness, what tests they ordered, the test results, or what treatment they prescribed. Your medical care is broken. Doctors within the circle of care send back reports. 


2. Loss of our funding. All family doctors need to run their practice like a business. We get paid an annual flat fee, pro-rated daily from the government, to look after all of your medical visits. Outside doctors charge for every visit and their fee becomes deducted from the flat fee I earn to look after you. 

Any use of Outside Care can result in dismissal from medical practice. Finally please confirm all your scheduled appointments. No shows will result in charges.

Dr Sen’s Schedule & the other Doctors Hours Here
Available: Monday to Saturday
In-office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
Phone: Monday to Friday
Walk-in: Saturday 10 am to 2pm. No booking.
Online booking for weekday consult:
Call Office: 905 303 2700

Afterhours On Call Doctors
Available: Daily
Monday to Friday 5 pm to 8 pm. Call after 3 pm.
Saturday-Sunday. 9 am -12 pm. Call after 7 am.
Call Centre: 416 477 2844
Visit or

Mackenzie Health Vaughan Urgent Care Centre
Available: Daily. Walk-in
Monday to Friday 4 pm to 10 pm.
Saturday-Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
9401 Jane Street, Maple (Jane St, North of Rutherford Rd)
Call 905 832 4554 Ext 4898

Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital Emergency Department
Walk-in. Open 24 hours.
3200 Major Mackenzie Dr W. Vaughan (Major Mackenzie Ave, Hwy 400)
Call 905 883 1212

Mackenzie Health Richmond Hill Emergency Department
Walk-in. Open 24 hours.
10 Trench Street, Richmond Hill ( Major Mackenzie Ave, West of Yonge Street)
Call 905 883 1212
Any Emergency Department in Ontario

**Avoid walk-in clinics, virtual clinics (Telus, Maple, Shoppers and Greenshield) and housecall doctors** They are not part of the Circle Of Care Network of Doctors. They do not share your visit details and test results. 

Use Of Doctors Outside The Circle of Care Network  

Common Questions of the Circle of Care Medical Model

  • Can I see a specialist?
    Yes. You will be referred to an appropriate specialist from Eagles Landing Medical Centre. The consultation notes and any test results will be sent to your family doctor for review and addition to your medical record.
  • What if I leave Ontario?
    This network only applies within Ontario.
  • What happens if the Circle of Care is not a good fit for me?
    You are free to leave the practice at any time if you feel it is not a good fit. There is no obligation to stay. We are simply committed to a high standard of care with respect to your healthcare. Finally, if you are not able to keep your appointment, please call our office 24 hours ahead of time to cancel or reschedule your appointment to prevent a charge. If you agree to our policies, please sign below. Thank you for considering our practice and understanding our Circle of Care medical model. We have your health in mind, and we appreciate this mutual collaboration. If there are any questions, please contact us directly.
  • Is There a Doctors Office Nearby Me?
    It can be helpful to have a family doctor near you. Eagles Landing Medical Centre's doctors office in Maple are accepting new patients. We are located in Maple, Vaughan. You need to download the New Patient form on this page and email it to us. If you are not looking to become a long term patient, you can visit the Walk in clinic, it is first come, first serve only. Registered patients can only book appointment time. It pays to go through the new patient process to become a registered patient at Eagles Landing Medical Clinic. Learn more about how to get a family doctor for long term health care for you or your family.
  • Is It Hard to Book an Appointment with the Doctor's Office?
    New patients need to download, fill out and email us the new patient form. Once you have been notified that you are now a patient at Eagle Landing Medical Clinic you will be assigned a family doctor. After that, you can book online to get an appointment with your doctor or the on call doctor. View the doctor office hours on the website, and book family doctor appointments online on your own schedule. Once you have an assigned doctor, you can book after hours appointments. Walk in Clinic hours are separate from the family doctor hours. Walk in hours are first come, first serve only. Family doctor appointments are for registered patients for long term health care. Registered patients can book after hour doctors appointments with the Circle Of Care group of physicians only.
  • Can I Have the Same Family Doctor as My Family?
    Yes, you can make an appointment for your whole family. The doctor will want to understand your children's medical needs or a complicated health history in depth. This will make it easier for you to get the care you need at any time and help you avoid going back and forth between different physicians who may not be familiar with your medical history and treatments. Walk in Clinic hours are separate from the family doctor hours. Walk in hours are first come, first serve only. Family doctor appointments are for registered patients for long term health care. Registered patients can book after hour doctors appointments with the Circle Of Care group of physicians only. The Circle of Care doctors network have access to your families medical records when you book exclusively within the circle of Care network.
  • Why can't I go to a walk-in clinic?
    We offer convenient after-hours appointments within our network of care. For continuity of care, this system enables quick communication back to your family doctor, so he/she is up to date with your care.



Circle Of Care: We Take Your Healthcare Seriously

Finding The Right Family Doctor In Maple, Vaughan

Family doctors are one of the first lines of defense in health care. In addition to treating illness, they can help you prevent disease through regular checkups and early detection. Having a family doctor whom you can build a relationship with is important. The physician can get to know your health history, is nearby, and understands how your family is put together.

Finding the right family doctor can be difficult, especially if you don't have experience with them or aren't sure what questions to ask. Read on for some tips on finding a local Maple family doctor in Vaughan who's right for you.

Understandably, when it comes to choosing a family doctor, there are many considerations: hours of operation; proximity to home; availability of evening and weekend appointments; and so on. But while these are all valid concerns, they should not out weight the most important factor - trust! 


At Eagles Landing Medical Centre, our family doctors help you take control of your health. In addition to offering and treatment and prescriptions for your health issues, they can also provide guidance on things you can do to improve your health, when to go to the emergency room, or when to see a specialist quickly. 

If you are looking for a family doctor in Maple, Ontario, reach out to Eagles Landing Medical Centre. We offer medical care both online and in person. Call or submit your contact detail through the form below to book your appointment today! We are here to help you! 


At Eagles Landing Medical Centre, we offer you a medical model that keeps your health a priority and records up to date.  
Our network of 45 physicians in the Bathurst North Family Health Organization is spread out across Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and North York.  We have coordinated our schedules to give you the highest quality of care possible after hours and 7 days a week.  
At Eagles Landing Medical Centre, Dr. Sen, Dr.Nakamura, Dr. Bartfeld, and Dr. Schwartz are part of this Circle of Care network of physicians. We are all part of the Bathurst North Family Health Organization. 







Cosmetic room

Make An Appointment With A NEW Family Doctor

Email the form to

Anyone wishing to make an New family doctor appointment can download this PDF form to start the registration process , fill it out, and email it to us for further instructions. 



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