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Your Partners in Better Health

At Eagles Landing Medical Centre, we want to help you reach your health goals. With that in mind, we’ve provided some useful information for current and prospective patients on this page. We encourage you to have a look at some of the policies that are an integral part of our patient-focused family practice. When you’re ready book an appointment as a registered patient, scroll down to the bottom to book!


Walk in clinic is first come first serve only!


Patients are asked to bring their regular chronic medications to all their appointments. The Doctor or Nurse can then review your medications to optimize your health.


Block Fee

Many services such as sick notes, telephone prescription renewals and travel vaccinations are not covered by OHIP and are therefore charged separately. View our Block Fee PDF to review these expenses.


Bathurst North After-Hours Clinics

Eagles Landing Medical Centre is a part of the Bathurst North Family Health Organization. This organization consists of different clinics spread throughout Vaughan and North York. If you are not able to see your own family doctor and it is after 5 PM, and you cannot wait until the next day, call the Bathurst North After-Hours Clinic service and see one of 45 other family doctors. These doctors have dedicated office time to see to your medical needs Monday to Thursday, from 5 PM to 8 PM and Saturday and Sunday. Visit for doctor schedules and clinic locations nearest you, or call 416-477-2844 to make an appointment.


Suggestions or Comments

At Eagles Landing Medical Centre, your health is our main concern. We are always looking for ways to better improve our service to you. Please ask for a PATIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY at the Front Desk. All responses will be held in strict confidence.


Booking Appointments

Eagles Landing Medical Centre offers appointments, to better meet the needs of our patients. The purpose of this appointment system is to reduce wait times when patients are coming in with a medical problem. This allows us to better accommodate patients on the day of their request and accommodate all urgent care problems within a reasonable time frame.

Patients will be asked the reason for their visit so that our office can better prepare for the appointment. Remember, all information given to us remains confidential. 

Please remember that our staff has booked a set time for your visit. Please respect the time allotted, and limit problems to a maximum of TWO per visit. Remember walk in clinic hours are different than the family doctor hours. View walk in hours below. 


Family Doctors

Dr. Sen, Dr. Nakamura, Dr. Bartfeld, and Dr. Shwartz are dedicated family doctors and have years of experience in family medicine. Feel free to request a new patient appointment if you are looking for a new family doctor.


Updating Patient Information

It is the responsibility of our patients to advise us of any changes in regards to email, address, phone number, updated health card and emergency contact. An updated file is crucial in case of an urgent procedure notification or an emergency. This information DOES NOT automatically change when we swipe your health card.


No-Shows, Cancelling and Rescheduling Appointments

We have implemented a policy for “no-show” appointments. If a patient fails to show up for an appointment without satisfactory cause, the patient will be charged for this missed appointment.

As a courtesy, our office will try to send out telephone or email reminders of patient appointments.

Nevertheless, all patients are required to notify the office at least 24 hours prior to the appointment if it needs to be cancelled or rescheduled. Please note that there will be a charge for not rescheduling an appointment within the above noted time frame.


Urgent Appointments

If a you have a new and urgent condition (severe pain, allergic reaction, high fever) and feel you need to be seen quickly, you are welcome to call our office and inform the staff of your need for a same-day appointment. Our staff is here to help you and will do their best to get you seen by a doctor or nurse as quickly as possible.

For these urgent appointments, patients may only discuss one problem/issue.


If at any time you cannot wait for our staff to schedule you in for an appointment, please consider using our walk-in clinic service, or visit the Bathurst North After-Hours Clinic service. As a last resort you may visit the nearest Emergency Department.

Prescription Renewals

Prescription renewals can be done at our office anytime, or at the time of your appointment with the doctor.

Prescription renewals over the phone or fax are done at the discretion of the doctor and are NOT covered by OHIP. If you are not on the Block Fee, there will be a charge.


Walk-In Clinic

Eagles Landing Medical Centre offers a walk-in clinic to our patients and welcomes new patients. We ask all patients to consider using our walk-in clinic before using another walk-in clinic. All your medical information is kept together in one file at our clinic so your own family doctor can review all the information at a glance. The walk in clinic is first come first serve only

This service is available seven days a week and extends into the evening for your convenience. We ask that patients of Eagles Landing Medical Centre attempt to see their own family doctor first before using our Walk-in clinic information.


No Abuse Tolerated

Eagles Landing Medical Centre is a safe and respectful environment to bring your family for their medical needs. Our staff is dedicated and works hard to earn your trust. 

However, any form of abusive language on the phone or in person to any one of our staff will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from the practice.


Travel Medicine Advice

We offer travel medicine advice for patients travelling outside of Canada. This may include appropriate vaccinations and medications depending on your destination and the length of your stay. Please note that this service is not covered by OHIP and there will be a fee. We also do not administer Yellow Fever vaccines. Please call for more information on pricing.

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